API Security

The Challenge

Open Banking defines the standards for financial institutions to expose information and enable transactions with third parties. The core technology of Open Banking is the Application Programming Interface (API) which powers applications and enables the exchange of data while showing the inner workings of applications and sensitive information.
Exposing APIs creates a new , attractive path for hackers to gain access to sensitive corporate data, applications and systems. With the exposure and the increasing demand for APIs come the following challenges: low discovery of threats, high rates of mistaken identified threats – false positives, poor automation, rapid publishing and updating of the APIs may be left with unseen vulnerabilities.

The Solution

Salt Security API Protection platform helps organisations to meet the challenges posed with API exposition.
The AI-powered solution is deployed in minutes, automatically and continuously discovers and learns the granular behavior of APIs, and requires no configuration or customization to help ensure API protection. It sees APIs as they are deployed, stay up to date as changes are made, and verify that all APIs meet security requirements.