The increased complexity of software and the need to keep up with fast-paced release cycles create new types of risk in the form of Software Exposure. Managing Software Exposure is an emerging discipline for eliminating all software-related vulnerabilities to accurately understand and reduce business risk.

Static Application Security Testing examines the “blueprint” of your application, without executing the code. SAST solutions create a meticulous model of how the application interacts with users and other data and identifies critical vulnerabilities quickly with the help of automation.  CheckMarx SAST helps you unify your application security into a single platform and release secure software, fast.

Key Features

Evaluate Your Exposure with a Holistic Platform

Measure actual exposure with a holistic platform that unifies all software security aspects

Gain Full Visibility

Get full visibility into the composition of your software everywhere

Secure Your Entire SDLC

Bake security in from the start and cover all SDLC stages (Code, Build, Test)

Empower Your Developers

Provide AppSec training to make developers your solution, not your problem

Determine Your Acceptable Risk

Define acceptable risk policies across your

Generate Business Outcomes

Drive go/no-go GTM decisions for new offerings

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