Hardware Layer-1 Security

The Challenge

Most businesses regularly overlook hardware security. Existing security solutions do not address the physical layer of the OSI model (layer 1), which is a challenge because physical network specifications (LAN) are not captured unless there is clear layer 1 visibility of all devices connected to the network. As a result, rogue devices like rubber duckies, plunder bugs, unknown assets, and other implants used in physical layer spoofing attacks go undetected.

The Solution

Sepio’s Hardware Access Control (HAC-1) solution provides greater visibility and asset inventory of layer 1 data at the hardware level. Sepio does not analyze network traffic; instead, it collects layer 1 information to create a unique fingerprint for each device via its out-of-the-box management interface. Organizations can effectively enforce their access control measures using Zero Trust Hardware Access due to HAC-1’s complete visibility.