Portnox™ offer a complete, centralized horizontal security and management system of an organization’s network access points, the first of this kind of network security. Portnox™ combines NAC and a proactive network management in a single solution that interrogates, authenticates, manages and controls access through each and every port or device attempting access to the network.

Key Features

Device Discovery​

Portnox starts at the infrastructure layer. Connecting directly to your wired, wireless and virtual infrastructure, Portnox delivers real-time, continuous and event driven illumination of any and all devices connecting to your network.

Device Authentication​

As with infrastructure connectivity, Portnox authenticates corpo-rate devices natively without the need for any agent, supplicant or “dissolvable” agents. Portnox supports over 25 authentication methods to assure only valid corporate devices connect to the network, from common AD/domain to SNMP, SSH and our unique signature/finger print (OSFP) supporting secure, strong authentication of the grow-ing Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Enforcement & Compliance​

Portnox offers flexible enforcement actions based on device, user, location, authentication, compliance. Portnox also connects back to corporate PC(s) without any agent to compliance validate the device against a wide variety of checks including OS, AV, active NIC(s), local user privileges, removable storage, authorized (or unauthor-ized) programs, services and more. And if you already have an endpoint compliance validation solution, no problem, Portnox can check it’s view on device status as part of compliance validation.