CyberArk is the trusted expert in privileged access security. Designed from the ground up with a focus on security, CyberArk has developed a powerful, modular technology platform that provides the industry’s most comprehensive Privileged Account Security Solution. Each product can be managed independently or combined for a cohesive and complete solution for operating systems, databases, applications, hypervisors, network devices, security appliances and more.

Key Features

Discover and Manage Credentials

Continuously scan the environment to detect privileged access, validate privilege by adding discovered accounts to pending queue or automatically onboard and rotate accounts and credentials based on enterprise policy

Isolate Credentials and Sessions​

Establish a secure control point to prevent credential exposure and isolate critical assets from end users with transparent connections to target systems via a variety of native workflows

Monitor Privilege Activity​

Administrators can view specific activities or keystrokes within video recordings, detect and alert SOC and IT teams of anomalous behavior that bypasses or circumvents privileged controls